Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Down the Black Hole

It's official. College have started again, and it's only been a day- the frustration has begun already. I'm taking a full 20-credit load this semester with an almost full-time job. Why do I do this to myself? It seemed like it would be a piece of cake three months ago when I signed up. I'm taking Greek (language). No one said it would be this hard!!!

Greek will be my downfall. I have to learn a whole new alphabet and everything! French was not this hard to master.

In other news... I have discovered Twilight. Now-- I know what you are thinking.... BUT it's not my fault. Ravelry people kept posting Robert Pattinson pictures, and I decided to rent the movie... for kicks. Ten minutes within finishing the movie I was reading the book. I thought... "it's going to be a book for 14-year old girls with stupid ideas on vampires and whatever..."

Wrong. Twilight is amazing. I never thought a man could be better than perfection, and something I would only wish to dream about. Forgive me great gods of a saner mind. So I then proceeded to read the entire saga within 4 days. Yep, about 3,000 pages in a few days. Sleep was nothing. Eating was nothing. Showering was nothing (yes, gross, but I couldn't bring the book into the shower). I had to keep reading. I feel like a giddy girl again. It's like word pornography.

Not good. So- as I finish the last few chapters, I have tried to slow down, and keep it going. I wish it wouldn't end. BUT- that is what the movies are for! I hope this doesn't ruin my life. I've already been obsessing about it non-stop.

Knitting. Must return to the main topic. It's not my fault that knitting led me to the saga. My mini sweater is finished- love love! These little things gave me hope that I can one day make a full grown sweater, and gave me a great gift idea too. Monkey socks are going ok, I'm trying to redo the heel flap instructions to make them fit my feet. I tweaked the original size, and changed to circs so once I finish my reading craze, I will focus back on them.

This also brings me to buy new fantastic Twi-inspired yarn. Sunshine yarn, no less. It fills me with a new found happiness, and I am glad that I can feel that again.

I hope I can knit in class again, most of my current projects call for more focus and hopefully I can do them while trying to listen to my professor.

Also found a great Sunshine colorway called "Gelato"- will purchase tomorrow for my trip to Italy. Doesn't that sound like a match made in heaven?

May you find peace and happiness, and time to knit.