Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back In the Saddle Again

Phew! I can breathe again! Pneumonia is just about gone (it took long enough..) and I'm back at it!

The downside of this is that now I have to catch up on everything! It's not the best time for that though! I have tests in all of my classes either tomorrow or Thursday, so I therefore have to study for the tests first, then do the missed homework second. The bad part is that the homework needs to be done since it is part of studying and it's just a bad cycle. Not to mention that I realized that I needed a certain book today for a class- but the bookstore is sold out. I had to overnight it from amazon. Thank god for amazon!

Ok- knitting update!
Ravelympics is going ok... it's not as great as I would want it to be... but I'm hoping that I can 'catch up' there too!
- Chill hat- done!
- Kiss Cowl- in progress
- Twiscarfy- almost done
- Forks Socks- not even started

With 4 days left to go... things could go either way! I'll get one more thing done for sure!
March, however... leaves me with some eye-opening realizations.
I need to complete the following by the 15th of March. Got that? All of the below in two weeks:
- Cornflower Cardigan :0
- Sock #2 of Duckula
- Alice's Porshe Socks
- scarf for HP swap :0
- possibly Vampanties

Deep breaths.

I wish I could knit faster...
Ah yes, but I did finish little Henry the Monster for HPKCHC! And there is one sock of Duckula done as well! Yay!

So, that is it for tonight. I really should be off studying and/or knitting!
Cheers, Ness

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

Well, as you guessed it- it's snowing!! Not just a little dusting either... we've had massive amounts of snow here. Almost a foot? It's crazy- but I really do love how it makes everything pretty and leads me to stay indoors.

V-day approaches! I'm hoping to finish my secret project along with my immense accumulating pile of wips! Thank goodness- I just stayed up all night cleaning and reading, trying to put my life back on track again. Even though I vowed to get everything in order before term started, it seemed like it all just piled up and got worse! Alas, now my room is clean, ironing pile slightly lowered, laundry done- and yarn wound!

Ravelympics in 3 days!!! Yikes! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. It seems like yesterday that I was halting wip progress. That was a month ago!

Classes are good. It's a good mix of right/left brain this semester, but it won't kick my butt as much as it usually does! Going down from 5 to 4 classes was a bad thing, but turned good thing.

Finished Breaking Dawn (again).. (and finally I may add!) I've been working on finishing it all through break, but knitting stole most of my free time, along with getting some sleep. Also- I read 'Midnight Sun' and I'm so glad that I did! I LOVED it! It was so much better seeing it from Edward's point of view, and it made me (somewhat) have more sympathy towards Bella. All the while that I read Twilight- and wishing that I could hear his thoughts... and it was absolutely fantastic! I had a lot of squee outbursts and I really hope that SMeyer finishes it, and perhaps writes his pov throughout the entire series. That'd be amazing! The thing that really surprised me were the little things that were new and not even part of the original- the Angela/Ben thing, and seeing the Cullen family 'behind the scenes'. Anyways- for all you Twifans- read it!

Netflix is probably one of the best things since sliced bread. I really love NOT having to go pick things out, or being bummed if the movie store is out of a movie. I also love seeing all of the classic movies that the usual Blockbuster does not carry- who wouldn't want a chance to see Chinatown on a cold winter's night?

Did I mention that I'm trying to make my own knitted panties? :) They will be super fun and amazing. I know it! I'm trying to design my own pattern using three others that have the qualities that I'm looking for. I've decided a picot cuff would be perfect for putting the elastic into- lace trimmings, and expanding the part that actually covers the back region.... One pattern is for an XL- so that's NOT going to work, and the other is a swimming bikini suit bottom that has super cute lace.
It's a work-in-progress. Did I mention I'm making it with Luxury yarn? Oh yes... part cashmere= yum!

HP classes are currently on hold (part will start for Ravelympics) until later this month. I really want to finish up my wips and I cannot keep rotating and going out of my mind at the last second. I will focus on one (or two...) projects at a time. I just need to pick the order of which ones to knit first...

Also- In NessNews.... I got a part-time job as a tutor at school! This is amazing news! I worked it out so that I work in the tutor center in-between classes. Not many students come that often- so, my dream has come true:
Amen. I would be knitting anyways, but now I get paid for it and I can help other students once in a while! Yay!

The bad part about cleaning my room-- I found about 10 more patterns that I had forgotten about. Hmm... I really need to knit faster! Speaking of patterns, a rav friend Susan- sent me a lovely package with more beautiful patterns, vday candy, and a gorgeous skein that we traded! I was enthralled! It made my day!

Ok, I should probably get a few winks before class tomorrow!
Cheers, Ness