Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy: An Epic Tale

Hello world! Yes... it is I. I'm dragging my feet trying to shake off this cloak of insanity. So what has been going on? Well, there was the inevitable Halloween, followed by the birthday of yours truly. Then sickness (it came early this year), and then I was so so busy catching up from what I missed.

Ugh! Life's been way too hectic! But- I have certainly gotten a lot of knitting done. Finished my New Moon Alice Mitts, Cozy Scarf, Danielle Hood, New Moon Edward Cowl, AND Noble Vampire Cowl. Phew! Sunshine group had the "New Moon KAL" so I had to speed up my knitting to finish my projects.

But now has come the irrevicable and unstopable idea that Christmas is coming. Yep, that's less than 40 days until the big day. Not good. I have so many knitted gifts planned (since it is my first real xmas being a real knitter). I started knitting after thanksgiving last year, and only had known enough to make one scarf as a gift for that xmas. How much I have learned since then!

Currently on the list for Christymas: (names have been omitted for the safety of gifts that might not make it)
-water bottle cozy for friend #1
-"Team Jacob" towel for friend #2
-ear muffs (and maybe mittens) for friend #3
-cable scarf, hat, socks, and mitts for mum
-scarf and hats for mum's friend
-mittens for mum's other friend
-socks for special friend
-6 or 7 various ornaments
-5 gift pouches for the ornaments (2 done yay!)
-AND... I know that I must make a few fun things for my friends on rav!

Yikes. Now that I actually have them written out... it seems like a lot. It's like the Yarn Harlot's list (but less intense) and I know that these will not be done in time.

Plus (haha) I have already cast on a sweater for myself, and plan on doing socks for another Jane Austen KAL. I am justified in saying that since the sweater is small, it won't take long. (I'm done for, aren't I?) It's a good thing that I limited hours for work, but I don't think 5 hours less per week is going to cut it. Especially since the end of the semester is drawing near- which I have figured is not good for knitting time. Current count: 10 papers, 2 projects, and 2 presentations. 4 weeks left. *crosses eyes*

Uh oh.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Splish Splash

What a month it has been! Since last posting, it has gone from the beginning of fall to the start of winter! Autumn this year was about two weeks long until the snow fell. How sad. I just adore that time of year. Now it is all heavy jackets and scraping off the ice on your car.

Knitting-wise... so much to report! I finished my toe-up socks and started a few new projects too! My "Sea Socks" were for the Persuasion KAL on rav, and they turned out really nicely. I really despise the toe because it is so pointy, but the pattern of the sock itself is lovely. Just like waves~~~!

I really wanted to knit the Danielle Hood from Berroco (see rav pics) and so on payday, I bought all the yarn and needles and started! It's been going really fast on the super huge 13 size needles, and I hopefully can finish tomorrow (or when I actually have time). **snaps for my first fair-isle project**

Cast on another fun project- the New Moon Alice Mitts! (Just in time for the movie to come out!) I am having a frustrating morning due to my loss of brain. I grabbed the mitts this morning to work on in class, but forgot my notions bag. Therefore, I had to make stitch markers out of foil gum wrappers (they work pretty well actually...) I just laugh at myself, and hope that the thumb turns out all right :)

The Climb the Rungs sweater was frogged due to my pattern (mis)planning, and so I will begin again after my current wips. So many KALs to keep up with!

Oh- I also did a very cute scarf for my bfriend. It's more of a cowl/wrap than an actual scarf, and hopefully he will like it! I tried to just do a natural color because that just works best for guys I think. If he wants it to be a color, then I will attempt to dye it.

More importantly, I have been working hard on building my stash and have done very well on it. Rav says that I have "98 yarns in stash". Plus the few that are in the mail put me well beyond the 100 mark. Yay for me! I have been having fun buying because it is my birthday in a few weeks, and it just makes me so happy.

Christmas Planning: I must remind myself to throw in knitted ornaments and gift bags in between wips that way I don't have to do them all at once. Not to mention the bigger things like hats and socks that need to be done as well. "I must try not to be a selfish knitter, I must try not to be a selfish knitter..."

-Ness (or as some find it funny to refer to me as "Nessie the Loch Ness Monster"- boys...)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Down the Black Hole

It's official. College have started again, and it's only been a day- the frustration has begun already. I'm taking a full 20-credit load this semester with an almost full-time job. Why do I do this to myself? It seemed like it would be a piece of cake three months ago when I signed up. I'm taking Greek (language). No one said it would be this hard!!!

Greek will be my downfall. I have to learn a whole new alphabet and everything! French was not this hard to master.

In other news... I have discovered Twilight. Now-- I know what you are thinking.... BUT it's not my fault. Ravelry people kept posting Robert Pattinson pictures, and I decided to rent the movie... for kicks. Ten minutes within finishing the movie I was reading the book. I thought... "it's going to be a book for 14-year old girls with stupid ideas on vampires and whatever..."

Wrong. Twilight is amazing. I never thought a man could be better than perfection, and something I would only wish to dream about. Forgive me great gods of a saner mind. So I then proceeded to read the entire saga within 4 days. Yep, about 3,000 pages in a few days. Sleep was nothing. Eating was nothing. Showering was nothing (yes, gross, but I couldn't bring the book into the shower). I had to keep reading. I feel like a giddy girl again. It's like word pornography.

Not good. So- as I finish the last few chapters, I have tried to slow down, and keep it going. I wish it wouldn't end. BUT- that is what the movies are for! I hope this doesn't ruin my life. I've already been obsessing about it non-stop.

Knitting. Must return to the main topic. It's not my fault that knitting led me to the saga. My mini sweater is finished- love love! These little things gave me hope that I can one day make a full grown sweater, and gave me a great gift idea too. Monkey socks are going ok, I'm trying to redo the heel flap instructions to make them fit my feet. I tweaked the original size, and changed to circs so once I finish my reading craze, I will focus back on them.

This also brings me to buy new fantastic Twi-inspired yarn. Sunshine yarn, no less. It fills me with a new found happiness, and I am glad that I can feel that again.

I hope I can knit in class again, most of my current projects call for more focus and hopefully I can do them while trying to listen to my professor.

Also found a great Sunshine colorway called "Gelato"- will purchase tomorrow for my trip to Italy. Doesn't that sound like a match made in heaven?

May you find peace and happiness, and time to knit.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yarn Binge

Have you ever asked yourself to forgo things like food in order to buy another skein? This seems to be the case lately. I've been on a yarn binge, and it feels fantastic! I've discovered all of the new things at NUnlimited, and it has driven me insane to fill up my punch card in order to get $20 for more yarn. I can't even blame it on Christmas gift giving anymore. I selfishly want more yarn to fill up my closet space with wonderous dreams and lovely things.

Who needs food? Who needs clothes? ...I have yarn.

Finished my honeycomb cowl on the trip to North Dakota last weekend. Had a fantastic time seeing old relatives. Also- I found this amazing little yarn shop called "Prairie Yarns". It was to die for and had all of my favorite things like Malabrigo and Mini Mochi.

Speaking of which... I seem to have bought more than my fair share of Mini Mochi an NU, and am substantially at a loss to figure out what to make out of it. I want to make socks- badly- but I want them to match, or at least semi-match. After reviewing things other people have made on Ravelry, this does not seem to be an easy feat.

I have officially made the 5K on the Eat.Sleep.Knit yarnathon! This means that I am on a roll, which can mean bad things for my credit card. Making yarn buying a competition is one of the best ideas out there in the knitting world. I may not be the fastest knitter, but gosh darn it I can buy yarn fast!

In other exciting events, I have started a scarf for my mom's boyfriend, but it seems to be incredibly tedious. I haven't made scarves since my beginning days, and in those days it was only a garter or stockinette stitch. I am doing a moss stitch. Think about it... 70 inches of knit1, purl1, knit1, purl1.... it's driving me nuts. I have to switch back and forth, and not to mention it goes differently for each row so that I can't even have the stitches match up when I do the other side. Hmmph. At the rate I am going it will take another 30 days to finish. Let's hope not. I am sure that I would have found another project by then, surly with all of this yarn I am buying.

I hope to post pics soon. If not here, then on Ravelry.
Good night and Cheers!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Addictive Tendencies

I have now come to find that yes, I am an addict. Not only is it hard to stop from continuously knitting, but buying yarn has become another dangerous hobby. At first, there was a purpose. Some yarn here for myself, and some other yarn for Christmas gifts. There was an intended project, and with that an idea and discipline. Now... I buy yarn just for the sake of having it. What if it runs out or is discontinued? What if the store will never carry it in this color again? It has also turned into a huge financial problem as well. It is running me out of money, and I am quickly losing places to stash it all. When Stephanie Pearl-McPhee wrote about this, I laughed it off as just the happenings of a well experienced and seasoned knitter. Oh no, it can hit even the newest of knitters. My local and fabulous yarn shop, Needlework Unlimited, used to be a place that had some fun things. Now I have turned absolutely mad and want to buy EVERYTHING in the store. Not just a few sock skeins or worsted wool, but just about every wool in stock. (Although, I am still not a fan of anything mohair yet, and some of the acrylics I laugh at now.) Tonight I found myself questioning whether to buy my boyfriend a cake for his birthday, or to spend that money buying more Malabrigo sock yarn. I have discovered a new world, and I want to get out. But then again, this is impossible, and I really would not want to stop knitting. I will just accept this as a new way of life, and occasionally allow other things to be a part of it as well, like school, work, and a social life.

Update! My Hermione Cable & Eyelet Hat is almost... (so close) finished! I kept knitting it whilst waiting in line for the HP movie the other night, and between sleeping and trying to finish my Calculus class, it has not yet been able to finish. It's super pretty though, and I really want to do it again in a smaller yarn/needle to match the real hat.

Lately I have been taking classes with Rox at NU, and she has been such a help! I have found a portal into my knitting world, someone who I can knit-talk with. I really need to bring more of my passions to a social head. I wish there was a knitting club that I could join, something that would fit my schedule. With reading Stephanie PM's books, I felt like I wasn't alone and learned more, but this needs to grow. The fiber arts at my college is kind of a joke, and is a little out of the way. Hmm... maybe I should start a club. The only problem is that I need people to join. Note to self: find more knitters in my area. (or not in the area). It seems that I keep missing all of the KAL deadlines, which still leads me into knitting alone. It's a good thing that I start many conversations with people about what knitting is.

I ordered beautiful beautiful yarn from Dani at Sunshine Yarns- they are HP themed, which makes my soul happy.

Also, Eat.Sleep.Knit has provided gorgeous Malabrigo and Yarn Love yarn for my stash to grow. I think Malabrigo might be one of my favorites, but they also had fun Jane Austen named yarn like Marianne Dashwood and Elizabeth Bennett. I now need to find worthy patterns.

Until next time, Cheers! Ness

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Life is Now Complete

Today was such a great great day! Not that it really had to do with anything that actually happened during the day. I found out today that my favorite actress (and one of my top favorite people) was a knitter. Yes, that is correct... Marilyn Monroe was a knitter. I even saw pictures- and it made my life complete. I now can say that I share something in common with her. I was just browsing Ravelry, came across a MM group, and was so excited.

I started a new pair of HP sox today (yes, more Harry Potter sox). This time, they are for my mother. They are in a gorgeous red/orange tone and totally match the description of its name... Ron. Last weekend, I also ordered the book "Charmed Knits", which is a book filled with HP things to knit. I was a little disappointed though, because I didn't really want to make most of the things in there. I mean, the items are cool.. like a cloak or wand holster, but they just don't appeal me to run out and buy yarn for them. I did like the simple grey sweater with a streak of house colors, and perhaps a scarf... but that is all.

I also bought the book "Puppyknits" which is absolutely adorable. There were several very cute dog sweaters to make, and yet more projects to add to my list.

As I post- my mother is out buying me yarn from Europe. Yes... be jealous. I can't wait to see what she brings home. She is in England, Ireland, and France- so it better be good. In the meanwhile, the doxies and I are watching movies and knitting together. They don't do much to help... but they sure keep me warm!

Spring Break went way too fast! I worked quite a bit, and only had time to finish off my Dumbledore sock. I had so many other plans like... reading... and knitting! Oh well. I guess I will just have to squeeze those things in like I do usually.

I went to Needlework Unlimited the other day. (and spent way too much as usual) I ordered this fantastic yarn called "Baby Alpaca Grande". It is so soft and perfect for just about anything. I bought some in a beautiful green/blue and a grey. I will definately post pictures, but currently my mother has the camera (for pictures in Europe of course)!

I keep trying to persuade my boyfriend that he wants something knitted, like sox or a hat... but he just doesn't seem interested. Does anyone else have this problem? I guess he will just have to be surprised with something for Christmas, and then he will have to like it (or just pretend like he does).

I seem to be knitting tighter lately... I wonder if this is just stress or how I'm tensioning... I don't really know. The one thing I like about it is that I am left with more leftover yarn. Now I can make some little projects that I have been hoping to rope in. Like== I really want to make a phone/ipod cozy. The pattern is super simple... especially in magic loop. It is just a K2 P2 for as long as you like. (This is my kind of pattern!) I can't wait for my next paycheck to buy another knitting book. My eye is on "just gifts" or a sox book. I want to get a headstart on making gifts for Christmas. Just some small things that everyone would like. See- this seems like a piece of cake, but I am really stumped on what everyone would realistically enjoy receiving. I was thinking that a coffee mug cozy would work for some, or just some knitted ornaments would me nice too. Mini stockings would be really cute, and then I could fill them with treats. I will work on it.

Until next blog- Ness

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Time Blogging!

Hello Hello! Welcome to my blog, Ness Knits! I have set this up in order to share my thoughts on knitting and life. So far I am a beginner knitter you would say, but I am quickly learning the ropes (or skeins) and saving my world one project at a time. Ok, maybe a few at a time.

Every once in a while I'm sure my dogs will pop into the conversation. They are miniature dachshunds named Daphne and Maxine. They are my knitting pals who frequently like to tangle up my yarn (much like "The Ugly Dachshund", a very cute movie).

I started with basic scarves, as presents for friends and family, and have worked on hats and socks most recently. I am so into the Opal Harry Potter sock yarn, being a huge HP fan myself. So, I bought all of the flavors and am making several pairs of socks. I started with a really fun blue and yellow sort called "Harry and Ron" and now have almost finished my second pair called "Dumbledore" (really fair isle-ish pink and purple). I also bought more sock yarn for normal everyday socks. I just love that I can personalize socks for MY feet, and they are so much fun!

I love to knit wherever I go; I knit in class, waiting rooms, movies, everywhere! I also love to knit with my roommate... my mum. She has been a die-hard quilter/sewer since for... ever, but recently she has been knitting with me and we have been taking classes together as well. She's my best friend. I hope to teach her socks soon!

As for me, I am a college student at St. Catherine who loves movies and books (and knitting!) I am very into Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and so much more. I take the habit of reading each series annually. I love Europe, the history and culture, and need to explore all of it someday. ( I hear that they have great yarn...) My favorite colors are purple and blue, and I can't get enough pepperoni pizza. Thanks for reading my long and dreadful post! Cheers!