Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy: An Epic Tale

Hello world! Yes... it is I. I'm dragging my feet trying to shake off this cloak of insanity. So what has been going on? Well, there was the inevitable Halloween, followed by the birthday of yours truly. Then sickness (it came early this year), and then I was so so busy catching up from what I missed.

Ugh! Life's been way too hectic! But- I have certainly gotten a lot of knitting done. Finished my New Moon Alice Mitts, Cozy Scarf, Danielle Hood, New Moon Edward Cowl, AND Noble Vampire Cowl. Phew! Sunshine group had the "New Moon KAL" so I had to speed up my knitting to finish my projects.

But now has come the irrevicable and unstopable idea that Christmas is coming. Yep, that's less than 40 days until the big day. Not good. I have so many knitted gifts planned (since it is my first real xmas being a real knitter). I started knitting after thanksgiving last year, and only had known enough to make one scarf as a gift for that xmas. How much I have learned since then!

Currently on the list for Christymas: (names have been omitted for the safety of gifts that might not make it)
-water bottle cozy for friend #1
-"Team Jacob" towel for friend #2
-ear muffs (and maybe mittens) for friend #3
-cable scarf, hat, socks, and mitts for mum
-scarf and hats for mum's friend
-mittens for mum's other friend
-socks for special friend
-6 or 7 various ornaments
-5 gift pouches for the ornaments (2 done yay!)
-AND... I know that I must make a few fun things for my friends on rav!

Yikes. Now that I actually have them written out... it seems like a lot. It's like the Yarn Harlot's list (but less intense) and I know that these will not be done in time.

Plus (haha) I have already cast on a sweater for myself, and plan on doing socks for another Jane Austen KAL. I am justified in saying that since the sweater is small, it won't take long. (I'm done for, aren't I?) It's a good thing that I limited hours for work, but I don't think 5 hours less per week is going to cut it. Especially since the end of the semester is drawing near- which I have figured is not good for knitting time. Current count: 10 papers, 2 projects, and 2 presentations. 4 weeks left. *crosses eyes*

Uh oh.



  1. You're young. You can do it because you don't need sleep. ;-)

  2. Ha ha! I know, but I'm already sleep-deprived! Hey thanks for the meet the other day- I finally got a hang of the BO!