Saturday, June 5, 2010

She's Back

Excuse my hiatus, I'm long overdue on a blog post! There have been all these little things accumulating in my life, but nothing seemingly substantial enough to post.

So... what's new you ask? How did it become June?! May just whizzed by, and it strikes fear into my heart that the summer will follow in this fashion. I've read about 13 books (go me!), done so many knitting projects, and have been working too much (as per usual).

Totally finished with the Harris series. They were absolutely adorable, but sometimes a girl just wants a little closure! I just keep trying to figure out if S will end up with one guy or another. A little frustrating, but juicy and entertaining nonetheless. It's been beautiful outside, so it seems wrong to have the doldrums of Crime and Punishment as my reading material right now, but it does keep a nice balance. I'm almost finished with it, and it definitely is keeping me on the edge of my seat. Let's hope the following in my book list is a little more upbeat {crosses fingers}.

Knitting! I am always astounded that my knitting world can exponentially expand as it does. More ideas to knit, more yarn brilliance, etc. If I could, I would try to find a career in knitting. Wouldn't that be nice? It's so hard to think about ways to make a career out of knitting though. It's not a lucrative field, to say the least.

I'm so proud of myself, last month I completed all my classes for HPKCHC! 6 whole projects, plus I was an OWL TA. Not to mention I had finals, and had to finish my courses. I really hope I can keep up my shining record this month. The only problem is that I have set my sights much too high. All my ideas for classes are socks. Socks usually take me 2 weeks to do. Since there are only 4 weeks in June... that would be a grand total of 2 pairs. Not the 5 that I would wish to do. The good news is that I have 1.5 socks done, and it's only the 5th!

Did I mention that I'm knitting a blanket too? Oh yes, not only do I have to do all those classes... but my OWL is a blanket. A LACE blanket. I have to finish 1/2 of it by the 30th. So far I'm only 25 rows in. ::headdesk::

...and I did a test knit! (It's secret but my head is still spinning that I finished that too!)

Anyways, I am trying to focus my inner battles of self-discovery and nostalgia into my socks. That way, I might be able to finish them in time!

Cheers, Ness