Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Ah yes... It's July already!

Excuse my shameful posting un-ability. Can I say that I haven't had time? I've been a busy bee knitting away, and the summer is just floating right through my hands like a silk rope. I've barely had time to look up from my knitting/books to even assess my life. (This is my fancy way of saying that my room is a mess and messages have been ignored.)

Eclipse came and went. I will not admit how many times I've seen it already. It's been so much fun to see it with the quite different array of people I've seen it with! I wish there was something else out in theaters that is good though... I guess that's the Summer Movie Lineup though!

Basilica BP was fantastic this year! I had such a blast. Plus it seems like everyone from my high school was there. :/
Weezer rocked everyone out. (I've got the mosh bruises to prove it!) They played just about every one of their classified "really great" songs. I was really surprised to find how great Eric Hutchinson live is. He was very funny onstage, even making up his own song about "I'm Wearing Sunglasses But I'm Not A Jerk". And of course Spoon was their lovely wonderful selves. I'm blanking on the other great bands that I caught some good clips of... We also got a fun tour of the Basilica itself. I was totally history-geeking out. (Which I think made the tour guide a little nervous!)

I've decided that Impressionism is my favorite style of art. Yes, it even beats out some Rococo! I'm just amazed after buying a few books on the subject. Just thought I'd share! :)

Reading is going along slowly but surely. I'm doing about a book/week, but hopefully I can just read my way through August and finish the massive pile of library books before classes begin again! That Deuxieme Sexe is just calling my name to read it, but it's so huge I'm scared to pick it up when I'm so busy now.

Knit Update- Ugh, I'm only about 40% through my blanket. Why didn't I choose a simpler blanket pattern? Why did I chose a worsted weight blanket to do in July? I keep hitting my head against the desk... but it really doesn't do any good because I waste time complaining when I really should be knitting my heart out to get it done in time. Not to mention that I have my 2nd sock to do before Thursday. O.O Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! I'm trying not even to think about the rest of my HP classes. Otherwise, my blanket would never get done.

Until next time,
Cheers- Ness