Monday, October 19, 2009

Splish Splash

What a month it has been! Since last posting, it has gone from the beginning of fall to the start of winter! Autumn this year was about two weeks long until the snow fell. How sad. I just adore that time of year. Now it is all heavy jackets and scraping off the ice on your car.

Knitting-wise... so much to report! I finished my toe-up socks and started a few new projects too! My "Sea Socks" were for the Persuasion KAL on rav, and they turned out really nicely. I really despise the toe because it is so pointy, but the pattern of the sock itself is lovely. Just like waves~~~!

I really wanted to knit the Danielle Hood from Berroco (see rav pics) and so on payday, I bought all the yarn and needles and started! It's been going really fast on the super huge 13 size needles, and I hopefully can finish tomorrow (or when I actually have time). **snaps for my first fair-isle project**

Cast on another fun project- the New Moon Alice Mitts! (Just in time for the movie to come out!) I am having a frustrating morning due to my loss of brain. I grabbed the mitts this morning to work on in class, but forgot my notions bag. Therefore, I had to make stitch markers out of foil gum wrappers (they work pretty well actually...) I just laugh at myself, and hope that the thumb turns out all right :)

The Climb the Rungs sweater was frogged due to my pattern (mis)planning, and so I will begin again after my current wips. So many KALs to keep up with!

Oh- I also did a very cute scarf for my bfriend. It's more of a cowl/wrap than an actual scarf, and hopefully he will like it! I tried to just do a natural color because that just works best for guys I think. If he wants it to be a color, then I will attempt to dye it.

More importantly, I have been working hard on building my stash and have done very well on it. Rav says that I have "98 yarns in stash". Plus the few that are in the mail put me well beyond the 100 mark. Yay for me! I have been having fun buying because it is my birthday in a few weeks, and it just makes me so happy.

Christmas Planning: I must remind myself to throw in knitted ornaments and gift bags in between wips that way I don't have to do them all at once. Not to mention the bigger things like hats and socks that need to be done as well. "I must try not to be a selfish knitter, I must try not to be a selfish knitter..."

-Ness (or as some find it funny to refer to me as "Nessie the Loch Ness Monster"- boys...)

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