Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Time Blogging!

Hello Hello! Welcome to my blog, Ness Knits! I have set this up in order to share my thoughts on knitting and life. So far I am a beginner knitter you would say, but I am quickly learning the ropes (or skeins) and saving my world one project at a time. Ok, maybe a few at a time.

Every once in a while I'm sure my dogs will pop into the conversation. They are miniature dachshunds named Daphne and Maxine. They are my knitting pals who frequently like to tangle up my yarn (much like "The Ugly Dachshund", a very cute movie).

I started with basic scarves, as presents for friends and family, and have worked on hats and socks most recently. I am so into the Opal Harry Potter sock yarn, being a huge HP fan myself. So, I bought all of the flavors and am making several pairs of socks. I started with a really fun blue and yellow sort called "Harry and Ron" and now have almost finished my second pair called "Dumbledore" (really fair isle-ish pink and purple). I also bought more sock yarn for normal everyday socks. I just love that I can personalize socks for MY feet, and they are so much fun!

I love to knit wherever I go; I knit in class, waiting rooms, movies, everywhere! I also love to knit with my roommate... my mum. She has been a die-hard quilter/sewer since for... ever, but recently she has been knitting with me and we have been taking classes together as well. She's my best friend. I hope to teach her socks soon!

As for me, I am a college student at St. Catherine who loves movies and books (and knitting!) I am very into Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and so much more. I take the habit of reading each series annually. I love Europe, the history and culture, and need to explore all of it someday. ( I hear that they have great yarn...) My favorite colors are purple and blue, and I can't get enough pepperoni pizza. Thanks for reading my long and dreadful post! Cheers!

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