Monday, March 30, 2009

My Life is Now Complete

Today was such a great great day! Not that it really had to do with anything that actually happened during the day. I found out today that my favorite actress (and one of my top favorite people) was a knitter. Yes, that is correct... Marilyn Monroe was a knitter. I even saw pictures- and it made my life complete. I now can say that I share something in common with her. I was just browsing Ravelry, came across a MM group, and was so excited.

I started a new pair of HP sox today (yes, more Harry Potter sox). This time, they are for my mother. They are in a gorgeous red/orange tone and totally match the description of its name... Ron. Last weekend, I also ordered the book "Charmed Knits", which is a book filled with HP things to knit. I was a little disappointed though, because I didn't really want to make most of the things in there. I mean, the items are cool.. like a cloak or wand holster, but they just don't appeal me to run out and buy yarn for them. I did like the simple grey sweater with a streak of house colors, and perhaps a scarf... but that is all.

I also bought the book "Puppyknits" which is absolutely adorable. There were several very cute dog sweaters to make, and yet more projects to add to my list.

As I post- my mother is out buying me yarn from Europe. Yes... be jealous. I can't wait to see what she brings home. She is in England, Ireland, and France- so it better be good. In the meanwhile, the doxies and I are watching movies and knitting together. They don't do much to help... but they sure keep me warm!

Spring Break went way too fast! I worked quite a bit, and only had time to finish off my Dumbledore sock. I had so many other plans like... reading... and knitting! Oh well. I guess I will just have to squeeze those things in like I do usually.

I went to Needlework Unlimited the other day. (and spent way too much as usual) I ordered this fantastic yarn called "Baby Alpaca Grande". It is so soft and perfect for just about anything. I bought some in a beautiful green/blue and a grey. I will definately post pictures, but currently my mother has the camera (for pictures in Europe of course)!

I keep trying to persuade my boyfriend that he wants something knitted, like sox or a hat... but he just doesn't seem interested. Does anyone else have this problem? I guess he will just have to be surprised with something for Christmas, and then he will have to like it (or just pretend like he does).

I seem to be knitting tighter lately... I wonder if this is just stress or how I'm tensioning... I don't really know. The one thing I like about it is that I am left with more leftover yarn. Now I can make some little projects that I have been hoping to rope in. Like== I really want to make a phone/ipod cozy. The pattern is super simple... especially in magic loop. It is just a K2 P2 for as long as you like. (This is my kind of pattern!) I can't wait for my next paycheck to buy another knitting book. My eye is on "just gifts" or a sox book. I want to get a headstart on making gifts for Christmas. Just some small things that everyone would like. See- this seems like a piece of cake, but I am really stumped on what everyone would realistically enjoy receiving. I was thinking that a coffee mug cozy would work for some, or just some knitted ornaments would me nice too. Mini stockings would be really cute, and then I could fill them with treats. I will work on it.

Until next blog- Ness

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