Thursday, July 16, 2009

Addictive Tendencies

I have now come to find that yes, I am an addict. Not only is it hard to stop from continuously knitting, but buying yarn has become another dangerous hobby. At first, there was a purpose. Some yarn here for myself, and some other yarn for Christmas gifts. There was an intended project, and with that an idea and discipline. Now... I buy yarn just for the sake of having it. What if it runs out or is discontinued? What if the store will never carry it in this color again? It has also turned into a huge financial problem as well. It is running me out of money, and I am quickly losing places to stash it all. When Stephanie Pearl-McPhee wrote about this, I laughed it off as just the happenings of a well experienced and seasoned knitter. Oh no, it can hit even the newest of knitters. My local and fabulous yarn shop, Needlework Unlimited, used to be a place that had some fun things. Now I have turned absolutely mad and want to buy EVERYTHING in the store. Not just a few sock skeins or worsted wool, but just about every wool in stock. (Although, I am still not a fan of anything mohair yet, and some of the acrylics I laugh at now.) Tonight I found myself questioning whether to buy my boyfriend a cake for his birthday, or to spend that money buying more Malabrigo sock yarn. I have discovered a new world, and I want to get out. But then again, this is impossible, and I really would not want to stop knitting. I will just accept this as a new way of life, and occasionally allow other things to be a part of it as well, like school, work, and a social life.

Update! My Hermione Cable & Eyelet Hat is almost... (so close) finished! I kept knitting it whilst waiting in line for the HP movie the other night, and between sleeping and trying to finish my Calculus class, it has not yet been able to finish. It's super pretty though, and I really want to do it again in a smaller yarn/needle to match the real hat.

Lately I have been taking classes with Rox at NU, and she has been such a help! I have found a portal into my knitting world, someone who I can knit-talk with. I really need to bring more of my passions to a social head. I wish there was a knitting club that I could join, something that would fit my schedule. With reading Stephanie PM's books, I felt like I wasn't alone and learned more, but this needs to grow. The fiber arts at my college is kind of a joke, and is a little out of the way. Hmm... maybe I should start a club. The only problem is that I need people to join. Note to self: find more knitters in my area. (or not in the area). It seems that I keep missing all of the KAL deadlines, which still leads me into knitting alone. It's a good thing that I start many conversations with people about what knitting is.

I ordered beautiful beautiful yarn from Dani at Sunshine Yarns- they are HP themed, which makes my soul happy.

Also, Eat.Sleep.Knit has provided gorgeous Malabrigo and Yarn Love yarn for my stash to grow. I think Malabrigo might be one of my favorites, but they also had fun Jane Austen named yarn like Marianne Dashwood and Elizabeth Bennett. I now need to find worthy patterns.

Until next time, Cheers! Ness

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  1. Try the You can find which knitting groups meet when in various parts of the Twin Cities. I would bet there's one that meets somewhere near your college during the week or on weekends. I know in the past there have been lunchtime groups at the U, and there are often urban groups meeting in the evening or around lunch time during the week. I used to meet with a group in the Uptown area and one at the Loring Park Dunn Bros in the evenings. Those were mostly young, single people.