Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yarn Binge

Have you ever asked yourself to forgo things like food in order to buy another skein? This seems to be the case lately. I've been on a yarn binge, and it feels fantastic! I've discovered all of the new things at NUnlimited, and it has driven me insane to fill up my punch card in order to get $20 for more yarn. I can't even blame it on Christmas gift giving anymore. I selfishly want more yarn to fill up my closet space with wonderous dreams and lovely things.

Who needs food? Who needs clothes? ...I have yarn.

Finished my honeycomb cowl on the trip to North Dakota last weekend. Had a fantastic time seeing old relatives. Also- I found this amazing little yarn shop called "Prairie Yarns". It was to die for and had all of my favorite things like Malabrigo and Mini Mochi.

Speaking of which... I seem to have bought more than my fair share of Mini Mochi an NU, and am substantially at a loss to figure out what to make out of it. I want to make socks- badly- but I want them to match, or at least semi-match. After reviewing things other people have made on Ravelry, this does not seem to be an easy feat.

I have officially made the 5K on the Eat.Sleep.Knit yarnathon! This means that I am on a roll, which can mean bad things for my credit card. Making yarn buying a competition is one of the best ideas out there in the knitting world. I may not be the fastest knitter, but gosh darn it I can buy yarn fast!

In other exciting events, I have started a scarf for my mom's boyfriend, but it seems to be incredibly tedious. I haven't made scarves since my beginning days, and in those days it was only a garter or stockinette stitch. I am doing a moss stitch. Think about it... 70 inches of knit1, purl1, knit1, purl1.... it's driving me nuts. I have to switch back and forth, and not to mention it goes differently for each row so that I can't even have the stitches match up when I do the other side. Hmmph. At the rate I am going it will take another 30 days to finish. Let's hope not. I am sure that I would have found another project by then, surly with all of this yarn I am buying.

I hope to post pics soon. If not here, then on Ravelry.
Good night and Cheers!

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