Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you all! Alas, I wish I could be out drinking green apple juice (blast being 20!) or celebrating heartily.. but I will be stuck in class this evening knitting away on green things instead. Other life things are coming along much better. Puppy scare is over (again), and I've been able to hang out with Mum more! My Cardigan is almost finished- I just have to tackle the darn last sleeve and do finishing touches! Sigh, it makes me so happy to finish! :)

Can you believe that March is swooping to a close? Pretty soon classes will be over too! I have to finish my 7 washcloths for the HP Square Chasers (... how could I have forgotten that I signed up for this?)- ahem... finish them by Friday, then work on my scarf hard-core! I just need a few focused days to finish it and then pack up the entire swap box for my spoilee- then I'm done! I'm so glad that it will be the last of my swapping (at least for now). I sent out my 20s swap last week, along with receiving my HP spoiler box! My spoiler did such an amazing job and made my day! We share the same love of Abba Zaba's, and I finally own a Harry Potter Scarf (!) along with a HP shirt and some other goodies!

My room is unbelievably messy. I blame it on the knitting. and reading.

Speaking of which, one night last week (in a moment of insanity) I queued all the books I wanted to read at the library. Round 1 came in, and me- unrealizing the extent of damage I had done.... left with two large armfuls of books! I will certainly be busy for spring break! I got tons of the classics, and a few on audiobook so that I can knit & listen. I had several people come up and ask if I needed help carrying them to the car. It was that bad! Not looking forward to "Dune" and "I, Claudius"... but I know I will feel better to read them once I do. I've already started "Ethan Frome" and the "Aenid", which have surprisingly been wonderful!

Ok, here's the knitting breakdown of what I can maybe accomplish by the end of March-- (including 5 more washcloths!)

HP March Classes:
- History of Magic: Nutkin Socks
- Charms: WIP
- Potions: Dragon Scarf
- DADA: Cornflower Cardigan

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with green-ness and shamrocks!

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