Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Little Time

I think I will be forever impaled by sickness. Feeling crummy again today- I slept from 2pm until 10pm after work, and I know I'm going to sleep for another 6 hours yet tonight.

Washcloths were just about done- I did 5/7 so I'm glad for that! I also get to send them to their homes tomorrow, which will be a nice surprise!

Below is what will be in actuality to get done. Unfortunately.

HP March Classes:
- Charms: WIP
- Potions: Dragon Scarf
- DADA: Cornflower Cardigan

Round 2 of my library books came this week. Once again I found myself with a large armful of books! Spring break is next week, so I will certainly be a busy girl! Already finished Ethan Frome, and currently working on Memoirs of a Geisha and "Le Deuxieme Sexe" aka The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoire- a very large book with some great insights on women.

TTFN! - Ness

Ps: sorry if my title makes you think about the Olson Twins. It did for me after I thought about it!

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