Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break

It's the time of year when I get to sleep in and read my kind of books! I love spring break. I've started to go running again and it feels great! Hopefully I can shed some of this winter weight before summer comes along with all of it's swimsuit-ness.

Thank goodness March is over. Blah. Now I get to rev up the engine and work on whatever I want until May. I'm not even going to have a plan for April. Spring is the time for cleaning out all of the junk and re-ordering life. A time for opening those dusty windows and setting those goals back on their tracks.

I surprised myself and finished both my Cardigan and Dragon Scarf on time! Phew! Now I get to work on the little stuff and don't have any swaps or HP classes for a while. Awesome? Yes.

So what is (or was) the best part of my spring break? No homework. Yep- that's right! All of my big projects/papers were due before the break, so I got to relax ALL week! Side note: I've had to read the Aeneid, but that hasn't been so much of a burden. I've made several trips to B&N and as if my library stacks weren't high enough, I got a few more books for the shelf! I'm crossing my fingers that summer will come soon so that I can really dig into all of them! I just finished some wonderful Baudelaire poems and got a few chapters into Candide, Invisible Man, and Dead Until Dark. Wow- talk about variety!

Ok, so I know that I said no to 'knitting plans'... but I'm going to call this my 'list of what's going on'- just so that I can see it. (I know.. but I'm such a list maniac that it's weird to not make one!)
- Burnin' Rubber
- DtRH Socks
- Meadow Scarf (need to cast on..)

To be true to my spring goals, I also really need to tackle: cleaning the closet, ironing pile, and vacuuming the car.
Ready... Set... Go!

Cheers, Ness

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