Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

As I sang loudly to Elton's Someone Saved My Life Tonight song that played over the radio tonight, I had no idea that the words would come true.

I work at a restaurant right? So after a quizzical odor that I can only describe as "electrical burning plastic", a co-worker noticed smoke coming out of the air vents. Needless to say, we all had to evacuate and the fire dept. came! It was quite an exciting night. We were almost done closing, so everyone else went home. I'm an OCD candidate so after the firemen left, I helped finish the floors, etc. Once I got home (an hour after I was expected...) I heard the sultry sounds of the of a firetruck moving towards work. I sure hope it wasn't going back! Otherwise... I might have to get a temp job.

So now I'm still running off adrenaline and will most likely not get any sleep tonight. With a list the length of my arm of things to do... I guess it works out. I'm working my way through Charlaine Harris's novels, along with my classical lit study. It's interesting to go back and forth between the fun vamp stories and heavy ones like Infinite Jest.

I was one of the lucky few to get a Vineyard DIS kit today at the Sunshine update! It's all in my favorite color: purple. How could I resist? I was really hoping to avoid the whole DIS kit, considering it's a very time-consuming scarf. Oh well.

Oh look... there goes April! I just can't believe how time flies in college! It must be all of the new discoveries, and the fact that all my free time is taken by reading or knitting. I was hoping to finish more of my WIPs in April, along with some socks for mum for Mother's Day, and socks for a friend's bday coming up. It looks like I just might slide by with the last two, but I can hardly begin to work on my neglected projects with a major stack of homework and reading in the way!

Right now is the "calm before the storm". (Did I mention this before?) I was hoping to be able to kick back more and steadily work on final presentations, projects, etc. But-- it looks like I'm forever delayed because of all of the "pop" things my profs have been sending my way. Love the "Oh yes, and please write a small 4 page paper on this account". I know 4 pages is "small" in comparison with my other 12 page-rs, but I'm just beat to a pulp right now and would really love a break.

Plus, netflix is also throwing a wrench in my life. Most of my top list are movies that are foreign, so that means I have to pay attention. No knitting. No writing. Ugh. It's ok though, I'm really enjoying them when I can. (Life of Brian... classic! Departures is a must see. It's just lovely.)

Ok, so there is a glance at the Life of Ness. Off I go to cross a few things off the list and pity my single-ness...


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